Our Mission

Man’s inner life is the “secret place” where . . . the spark of the light of nature is to be found.

—C. G. Jung, Mysterium Coniunctionis


AS WITH THE MEMBERS of so many other FOJ organizations in so many cities throughout the Western world, the San Diego Friends of Jung are drawn together, in large measure, by their common desire to lead a richer inner life. That desire, in turn, draws them to seek a deeper understanding of the groundbreaking work of psychiatrist Carl G. Jung, for no one has explored—and mapped out—the vast reaches of the inner life, of the mystery that is the human psyche, to the extent that he has.

We gather as a group because this way we can afford to bring in to our community nationally and internationally recognized Jungian analysts and other depth psychologists, as well as scholars in related fields from the arts and sciences. We also gather as a group because the journey that is the inner life is not easy, and we, like Edinger, “keep forgetting all the time that the inner life is where the divine water is to be found.” It is somehow supportive to gather with similarly “forgetful” people in the hope that someday we may “learn otherwise.”

San Diego FOJ was founded in the early 1970’s through the pioneering efforts of Jack and Linnie Sanford, Katie and Sandy Sanford (not related to Jack and Linnie), Robert Johnson, Verda Heisler, Eleanor Garner, Barbara Stockton, Mary and Don Stephens. Robert Johnson and Jack Sanford, through their writings, would become significant contributors to the field of Jungian studies. We remain grateful to all of the above.

Everything good is costly, and the development of the personality is one of the most costly of all things. It is a question of yea-saying to oneself, of taking the self as the most serious of tasks, keeping conscious of everything done, and keeping it constantly before one’s eyes in all its dubious aspects-truly a task that touches us to the core.
— C. G. Jung

FOJ Board Members

Sharon Billings, Board Secretary

Bette Kitnick, President

Joel Mur, Publicity and Facilities Contact

Joanne Nivison, Workshop Assistance

Sandra Osborn

Gary Robertson


Program Committee

Sharon Billings

Bette Kitnick

Barbara Menard

Joel Mur

Joanne Nivison

Linny Sanford

Support Members

Janet Ashford
Newsletter and Web Design

Lorraine Lawrence

Gary Martin
Book Table/Librarian

Jane Sweeney
Treasurer, Office Manager